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Sandlewood Automotive Center

Specialized & Unique Services

In addition to standard service and repair, we specialize in these areas:

Vehicle Computer Programming

Your newer vehicle relies on many different computers to run and keep you and your vehicle safe. We can:

  • Reflash & reset control modules
  • Program transponder keys
  • Troubleshoot security systems
  • Decode and cut keys

Dealer-Level Diagnostics

No guesswork involved! We feature advanced diagnostics including both state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and the ability to manually troubleshoot electrical and other issues.

Medium & Heavy Duty Vehicles

Extensive experience alongside a collection of specialized diagnostic, repair, and maintenance tools and equipment for your commercial vehicle.

Foreign Autos

We have worked on some of the most rare vehicles around, and have the tools and knowledge to work on your collectible automotive treasures.

Vehicle HVAC Systems

Complete diagnostic, repair, and replacement for vehicle heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. We can often save you time and money repairing what others will only replace! Now servicing vehicles with R-1234yf.

Why SAC?

We take pride in the work done at our shop. 

We have the hard-to-find combination of experience working on every type of problem and vehicle and a fully stocked automotive shop, but most important is that our customers know they can trust us not only in the ability to repair their vehicles, but honesty in our work and prices.

We will take the time to explain the problem with photos and non-technical explanations and provide options for levels of repairs, if available.